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OpMath’s program provides the best learning environment for math students by utilizing technology and experienced, caring tutors. The technology enhances great teaching and smart learning by providing data-driven insights to curate personalized learning paths for each student that fills knowledge gaps, ensures mastery, and helps students tackle new challenges.

OpMath tutors provide direction and support that is absent from purely digital learning programs. Students perform better knowing that their OpMath tutor cares about their well-being and success.

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The OpMath Experience

Each element of the process has been designed carefully to enrich both student learning and experience.
Blended Learning

The robust combination of in-center instruction and at-home practice helps student attain accuracy and increased speed.

Regular Assessment

After each in-center session, student performance is assessed to discern knowledge gaps, and next steps.

Designed Adaptivity

Our software allows for data-informed modifications to each student’s unique learning path.

Personalized Mastery Learning

Students work on what they need to, when they need to, for however long they need to, to ensure mastery of important foundational concepts.

Balance of Challenge and Review

Packets are crafted at the optimal difficulty level for each student so that they feel challenged but never overwhelmed. Review is also blended into the packets as students continue to build upon previous knowledge.

Pen Computing

Students use a stylus and tablet to handwrite their answers. No multiple choice. No mouse and keyboard. This increases memory and understanding, encouraging more active engagement with the material.

A Simple Process


First, each concept is taught carefully and patiently.


Then, students take the time to independently practice the material they have just learned using our custom app.


Finally, with continued practice, they reach a level of full accuracy and complete confidence.

The goal of our program is not only to elevate math learning and understanding, but to get students confident in their ability to work with numbers, work on problems that seem challenging, and succeed in whatever they put their mind to.
Math can be a daunting endeavor, but in the right environment and with the right support, anyone can conquer the foundations of math.
There is no single right way to learn, and OpMath offers the tools to help students forge the path that is right for them.

OpMath was created as a response to an age-old problem that still currently lacks an optimal solution. Too many students develop a fear of math and numbers due to a lack of strong foundations, hindering them from pursuing their interests in a variety of fields. OpMath is here to change that.

We are extremely passionate about what we do and are fully dedicated to each student.

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